Episode 54: Digestion Issues, Poop, and Enzymes - Interview with Dr. Christine Kaczmar

What a treat I have for you in this episode! It’s a powerful interview with Dr. Christine Kaczmar, known to multitudes as “The Digestion Doc”.

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Some of the topics we cover:

  • Timeless healing principles you can implement now.
  • A cause of inflammation you might not have viewed as a cause.
  • What is the Broken Medical Model, and what does it mean for our health?
  • What are the benefits of enzymes and why do we need them?
  • What should your poop (yes, poop!) look like if you’re healthy?

Subtle signs that digestion might be an issue, even though you don’t have digestion “issues”.

And so much more!

Connect with Dr. Christine:

Website: www.TheDigestionDoctor.com

Book: bit.ly/getgutcheck

Podcast: Smart Digestion Radio on iTunes or Smart Digestion Radio on Stitcher

FB Group: Dr. Christine’s Healthy Rebels


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