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Below are the links for each of the legal areas of our business, MichelleFit Dot Com, LLC, and Michelle Herzog.
We have one goal when it comes to the legalities of our business: to treat you with the same care and respect that we wish to be treated with.
Transparency of information is a key focus in how we operate as a Company, and how we conduct business on and off line.
If there is anything that you feel has not been provided or disclosed, please e-mail us directly at support (at) michellefit (dot) com with your question, comment, or concern. We value your input and how it contributes to the success of our Company.
The MichelleFit Team, Since 2005


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See something we recommend? Or you were referred to our Site or products through another company? Here's what you need to know. CLICK HERE.

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This will lay out all the expectations and answer your questions about recurring charges for memberships provided and maintained by us. CLICK HERE.


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