About Michelle

When I’m asked what I do, I say:

"I teach women how to use food, their environment, and their mind to restore optimal health and create the strong, lean body they desire with zero stress and overwhelm." 

But what I really want to say is:

"I teach sick, tired, and out-of-shape women how to harness their mind to get healthy, regain energy, and get strong and fit - and teach them simple and effective ways to support their body through nutrition, digestion, gut health, quality sleep, movement, and detoxification." 
Now, I don't usually lead with this statement because unless you know me, it raises eyebrows . . . 
I'm known for claiming that mindset is 80% of your health and fitness, and all the other stuff, like diet and exercise, make up the other 20%. I know, it's a bold statement - but hang out with me long enough and you'll claim it too.
If you get the intangible mindset right, you'll 10X your tangible diet and exercise efforts. Period. 

As a coach, my eclectic background is YOUR advantage

You may have never been on a horse. Or stepped on a bodybuilding stage and graced the pages of a fitness magazine. Or gotten into medical school. Or gave birth to three kids and been a step-mom to two more. Let's be honest - maybe you've never wanted to! Regardless, you get to benefit from all that experience in how I coach.

With more than a decade as a horse trainer (which is cleverly disguised as a people trainer!), to a successful Nationally-ranked NPC natural body builder that made the pages of Oxygen magazine multiple times, to achieving an undergraduate education loaded with chemistry, physics, and pre-med studies, to getting into Graduate School in Veterinary Medicine.

Add in the stresses of raising kids, divorce and remarriage, blending families, and the changes that come with nearing 50 years old . . .

It's not been an easy path, but I've learned how to tame my mind, stop obsessing over food and exercise, and manage my own health like a boss. And I teach others to do the same. But it didn't start out that way.


Ironically, getting fit nearly destroyed my health.

It was an undergraduate fitness class in college would forever change my life. When I ranked "below average" for my age in my ability to complete and recover from a one-mile run, it shattered my perception of how healthy and fit I actually was. So I decided to "get fit" and train for a marathon. But after running it, I didn't look any fitter. I didn't feel any healthier. Which set me on a quest to figure out why.

Which lead me to lifting heavy things and eating healthier. I finally looked like someone that was fit. I finally "earned" the body I always wanted . . . but my journey had an unintended consequence. I nearly destroyed my health in the process.

And THAT was the irony. I could get incredibly fit on the outside, but on the inside I was suffering: Slowed metabolism, sub-clinical hypothyroidism, excessive hair loss, joint pain, low energy, adrenal dysregulation, high cholesterol, anemia, heart palpitations . . . and those were just the annoying symptoms.

You and I are probably more similar than you think.

If you feel defeated because your best efforts to get fit and healthy have not improved your body or health - I've been there.

If starting another diet or exercise program makes you take a deep breath and roll your eyes . . . If you're so stinkin' tired of not having enough energy, feeling like your fuse is short and you don't tolerate stress as well as you used to, I've been there too.

And if you don't agree with the idea that you just need to accept that with age comes sickness, body fat, and exhaustion - I can totally relate. 

Through navigating and improving my own health and ending my ride on the diet roller-coaster, I've drawn on my medical background and done copious amounts of research, read everything I could get my hands on. I've built processes and programs that bridge the gap between wanting to be fit and experiencing it. 

For more than 12 years, I've worked with and helped hundreds of women implement the very same unique strategies and habits that have been so successful for my one-on-one clients, and myself - and my online programs are designed to equip you with all you need to make getting and staying fit simple - as it should be.

Don't take my word for it. Read what just a few of my clients have to say . . .


Ali M.
Mom of three boys

Michelle helped me discover a hidden stressor that was a major player in my son’s weight gain and hormonal imbalance – and it wasn’t even on my radar! With some practical interventions that Michelle teaches, he was able to drop body fat and rebalance his hormones naturally – despite pressure from doctors to ease symptoms with prescription hormones. 

 Working with Michelle has changed the way I approach food and fitness forever!  Not only did she help me achieve my immediate goals, she gave me the tools necessary for a lifetime of continued mental and physical fitness. Ditch your Shrink. Ditch your trainer, your diet, and your workout plan. Heck, ditch your family Doctor! Michelle is better than all five combined and is the answer you've been looking for."

Julie Kreuter
Co-Host of Beyond the Hunt TV

“I never thought twice about looking at my own blood work – understanding it – and correlating it to how I was feeling. While working with Michelle I found some surprising red flags that were not on my doctor’s radar – the very stuff she covers in her Course. It’s altered how I manage my own health and helped me to improve it and lowering my risk. It’s been a game changer.”


Shanon Roberts
Wife, Mom of Two

"In the year and a half I have been working with Michelle, I have not only gained a much better understanding about nutrition and the impact it has on my health, but I have also overcome health challenges, and most importantly I have a gained a friend. When I started working with Michelle, my goal was to lose fat. However, life took a different turn and I found myself challenged by some very serious health issues possibly related to adrenal fatigue. Michelle’s extensive knowledge of nutrition and exercise, coupled with my learned ability to be more aware of my body’s responses (a result of Michelle’s coaching), led to healing and repair of my body and I am once again back on track to apply what she has passed on to me and acquire the physique I envision for myself. While I consider Michelle a “cut to the chase” coach who knows what she is doing when it comes to optimal diet and training for physique results, I now also view her as a friend who is passionate about the health of the whole person – spirit, soul and body – and I am more than grateful to have her as a continued key person in my life."

Anything is Possible!

I am proof that with a little effort, you can fully live a healthy lifestyle, and look like you do – regardless of the fast food laden, under-active, overly stressed-out society that typically surrounds us. It starts from the inside.

Ready for More?

Looking for the right tool to help you along your fitness journey? Visit the "Learn" page for the latest guides, masterclasses, and cheatsheets. So stick in your headphones, grab a notebook, pen & a cup o’ joe – and let the transformation begin!


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