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We are meant to be challenged, grow and make an impact on the world while we're here.

May of 2023 my business partner and I incorporated and a premier, cutting-edge, private health coaching company was born.

It's what you're missing (and desperately need) to be healthy and thrive after 40.

Get help navigating the HUGE gap between "I don't feel well", and a doctor handing you a prescription while saying, "you're normal, get used to it."

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Episodes of the Beyond Burning Fat Podcast ...

You can still listen to past episodes of the show for a unique perspective on nutrition, health, and mindset. You'll get actionable tips and no-nonsense advice to help you along your health and fitness journey! And a facelift is coming 2024!


Clients say it best!

"Michelle is more than a coach, she is my mentor and continues to bring an abundance of knowledge to the table when it comes to living a healthy life. She’s completely changed my view of what getting truly fit is all about. Not just the food and weight training, but the mental aspect - and working smarter not necessarily harder. "

Brandy Seal
Certified Nutritionist, Coach

"Working with Michelle has kept me focused on what really matters in my health – whether it’s nutrition, fitness, blood work, sleep, or stress - and helped me better manage my own health. To have that kind of help in an online format especially, is just, well, incredible. She’s played a significant role in how I stay fit and healthy – mind and body – despite some of the most debilitating physical challenges. She’s become a true friend."

Mom of Two

"I’d been to doctor after doctor and they were running all kinds of tests – all ‘normal’. After digging into the Five Pillars Michelle teaches in her course, I was able to connect the dots to several things – including a medication that I actually didn’t need to be on that was causing a host of side effects! I’ve started down the path to real health and am more hopeful than ever."

Emma C.
Mom of Two

"Working with Michelle throughout my health and fitness journey has helped me continually re-align with my authentic self – and help others to do the same. She’s been a pivotal piece in my evolution and helped me learn about nutrients, how to listen to my body, and release what doesn’t serve me. Her knowledge and teaching style are top-notch!"

Katie Wygant
Certified Nutritionist, Coach

"I’ve found so much value in Michelle’s Framework and her Five Pillars – what she’s built her whole course around. She has helped me to shift my mindset, and right my relationship with food, wellness, and my environment. It has trickled out to all other areas of my life and set the foundation for whole wellness. Plus, I bring much of what I’ve learned to my own clients and am paying it forward!"

Nutrition and Fitness Coach

"Michelle helped me discover a hidden stressor that was a major player in my son’s weight gain and hormonal imbalance – and it wasn’t even on my radar! With some practical interventions that Michelle teaches, he was able to lose the excess body fat he had put on and rebalance his hormones naturally – despite pressure from doctors to ease symptoms with prescription hormones."

Alli M.
Wife & Mom of Three Boys

"My hourly consulting with Michelle has become a valuable life tool for me. She clearly knows her 'stuff'! I was pleasantly surprised that she really probes beneath the obvious 'diet and exercise' rules to a place of a more personal connection. Having someone like Michelle address my body's specific needs; from nutrition, supplements, workouts and life triggers is more than I expected. Our sessions are packed with information, I always leave thinking, 'wow, I learned a lot right there' but more so that I have something tangible I can put into practice. I like that our sessions are completely organized to be exactly what I need at that time!"

Frances F.
Registered Psychotherapist

"Primarily, my goal has been to gain lean body mass in the most natural and healthy way possible. Before starting working with Michelle, my training was OK and my nutrition was very poor. I really wanted to find someone with firsthand knowledge and experience; and for me, that expert was Michelle. I am happy and grateful for having the chance to work with her; and in a short amount of time, my monthly gains have nearly doubled by applying her guidelines, and philosophy. Furthermore, she is always available for me, and has the flexibility to do hourly consults; this works perfect with my very busy schedule!"

Jon G.

"I never thought twice about looking at my own blood work – understanding it – and correlating it to how I was feeling. While working with Michelle I found some surprising red flags that were not on my doctor’s radar – the very stuff she covers in her Course. It’s altered how I manage m own health and helped me to improve it and lowering my risk. It’s been a game changer."

Julie K.
Co-Host of Beyond the Hunt TV

"I am your classic type-A personality with a family and demanding job. I thought it was all about diet and exercise. I didn’t realize how my thoughts and perception kept me in a stress pattern, contributing to anxiety and an inability to drop body fat. I’ve used Michelle’s framework that she teaches in her course – solid tools that actually work, that decrease my overall cortisol production and promote better health and fitness. I can definitely see – and feel – the results!"

Leslie B.
Attorney, Wife, & Mother

"Michelle really cares about her clients. I credit Michelle to where I am now. She teaches a lifestyle, and is always finding ways to transform your life, both in the gym and outside the gym. She was key in helping me see the bigger picture, and I'm so grateful to her for that."

Madison James
Radio & TV Personality, Fitness & Lifestyle Blogger

"I had no idea how connected my thought patterns were to my health! Michelle has helped me recognize these and has given me tools that I use daily to recondition my stress response and be healthier overall. The mindset Module in her course, along with the live coaching has been transformational. I have experienced the health benefits first-hand and now, more than ever, I feel empowered with the ability to truly improve my health."

Marlene M.
Wife & Mother

"As a single mother of two young children, recently divorced and with active Crohn's Disease complications, Michelle reminded me that we can achieve anything we desire. Her knowledge in nutrition and fitness is paramount and she equipped me with foundational roadmaps to lead a healthy and fit life. I highly recommend her for coaching."

Stefanie Basso
NSCA-CPT, University Instructor

"The diet, gut and digestion pieces were super helpful, but what was truly eye-opening was recognizing the patterns I was repeating that were causing me a great deal of stress, and that THAT was at the root of my Hashimoto’s diagnosis. Michelle has taught me solid tools to REALLY practice changing my stress response and stop driving my thyroid challenges!"

Tauna C.
Wife & Mother


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